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Producer:S.A. Chandrasekar
Cast: Vijay,Trisha,Prakashraj, Vivek, Manivannan, Vijayakumar,Nasser, Devan and Sita
Music: Vidyasagar
Screenplay: Ramana

RATING::::::::::::::::3 STARS.
By P.V. Sathish Kumar

Aathi (Vijay) has a mission to accomplish. To carry this out, he joins a college in Chennai against the wishes of his parents (Seethaand Manivannan). Anjali (Trisha) is also a student of the same college. Both Anjali and Aathi lead a life of gilded surface, which disguises the darkness beneath. Both, Aathi and Anjali want to avenge the killers of their parents.

The irony is that they both aim the same killers, without the other knowing about this.Aathi and Anjali cross each other on several occasions in the college, and soon they understand that they both have same tastes and liking. As the life goes, their relationship advances. Oncewhile performing rites, Aathi recognizes his Uncle (Nasser) andlearns that Anjali is his own Uncle’s daughter. Together they decide to assassinate the baddies RDX (Saikumar) and his henchmen. How they accomplish this forms the rest of the story.

Vijay as Aathi excels in his performance and his screen presences is terrific. He fits the role of a cold-blooded undercover assassin andthe actions scenes by Peter Haynes are well choreographed. For a change, Trisha has got equal footage as Vijay and she has also given a commendable performance. She looks ravishing especially in song sequences. The lead pair’s well-known chemistry once again comes alive on screen.

Saikumar from Tollywood as RDX has performed brilliantly. He is a perfect choice for the crude character. Vivek as a mild, well-manned sidekick manages to tickle the funny bone in his cameo. Prakash Raj,Nasser, Manivannan and Seetha have done their brief rolls well.The film has a high dose of violence and not many lighter moments.

Though the first half of the film is good the second half s a trifle dull and drags as it show the hero assassinating all the villains and hence become predictable.Director Ramanaa may have a valid excuse to justify the overdose of violence; after all it’s a remake. However, better editing could have made the film crisper.

Vidyasagar’s music is good. Particularly the song “Olli, Olli Iduppe…” stands out. Soundarrajan’s camera has captured some scenic locals of Switzerland in song sequences.Though not bracingly pleasurable, the movie is worth for its well etched out dialogues, racy action sequences and Vijay’s brisk acting.


Aathi review – ApunKaChoice.Com

‘Aathi’ Disappoints
By P. Sreekumaran
Film critic, ApunKaChoice.Com

The pre-release hype was quite high. The expectations are that the Vijay-starrer ‘Aathi’ would mark a hat-trick of success for the Number 2 in Tamil cinema. However, the end product is disappointing, to say the least.

True, all the ingredients that enrich a typical Vijay film are there: action, emotion, comedy, romance and a surfeit of violence. But somehow, ‘Aathi’ leaves one cold unlike his earlier films like ‘Tirupachi’ and ‘Sivakasi’. It’s a bit like swigging a coke that lacks the fizz!

But ‘Aathi’ is no unmitigated disaster either, if you are a diehard Vijay fan, that is. For the loyal followers the young actor, the film packs a powerful punch: thrilling encounters, stunning action scenes, romantic interludes and comedy cameos. And, if the response in the first week is any indication, ‘Aathi’ is all set to set the cash registers ringing.

What more do you want? One might ask. The point is: if you go on making film after film on the staple diet of masala, the viewers’ palate may jade sooner than later. That is the lesson ‘Aathi’ hands out to the hero with the boyish look. Too much of even a good thing is bad, after all. Will he listen?

Aathi (Vijay) has a mission to accomplish. So, much against his parents (Manivannan and Seeta), Aathi, a resident of New Delhi sallies forth to Chennai, where he joins a college. Anjali (Trisha), a student in the same college, is a bird of the same feather. She is also out to avenge the killers of her parents. Her uncle (Nasser) fully supports her plan. Understandably, the duo, thrown together by circumstances, attract each other. The friendship matures into love soon.

The movie goes on to depict how the twosome go about accomplishing their joint mission. The villain is a character called RDX (brilliantly done by Malayalam actor Sai Kumar).A major drawback of ‘Aathi’ is the excess of violence that besets the film. The film literally drips with blood and gore, what with two-dozen killings!

Only the manner of killing is different. Some are hacked to death while others are shot. The ‘piece de resistance’ is the severed head of a bad guy hurtling through the air! The director Ramanna may have a valid excuse to justify the overdose of violence. After all, it is the remake of violence-filled Telugu film ‘Athanokkade’ featuring Kalyan Ram, Sindhu and Ashish Vidyarthi in the principal roles.

‘Aathi’ also suffers from a painfully slow pace. It could have been much better if it had been edited well. Vivek’s comedy act fails to tickle the viewers’ ribs. The silver lining is the screen presence of Vijay, who excels in action scenes brilliantly choreographed by Peter Haynes.

Trisha gives Vijay good company. And their famed chemistry once again comes alive on the silver screen. Prakash Raj is a competent police officer.

Music composer Vidyasagar has come out with a number of melodious songs. That is one of the redeeming features of ‘Aathi’.

If you are a Vijay fan, you will like ‘Aathi’. Otherwise…

Aathi review – The Hindu

Cliched, and typically Vijay


Surprisingly, the heroine of this action film, which has Vijay as hero, is not a glam doll. In fact she has some daredevilry to perform, while the hero takes the backseat for a while. But once he springs into action there’s no stopping him. Suryan Arts’ `Aadhi’ (U/A) is in the same genre as the other major releases this month. And it is the second Telugu remake of this season. Vijay has tried out minor changes in his appearance, with coloured hair and a faint, dishevelled beard. Introduced as a fun loving person, the manner in which Vijay’s role metamorphoses into a serious, vengeful character is an interesting feature of `Aadhi.’

Ramanaa, the screenplay and dialogue writer and director, teams up once again with Vijay. Why does Ramanaa make the characters repeat words so often? It sounds ludicrous after a point. Especially when even the villains adopt the same style.

Aadhi’s is a happy family in Delhi. When he suddenly decides to shift base to Chennai, his parents are perplexed but come down with him. He meets Anjali (Trisha) and slowly friendship turns into love. Both of them have a secret mission on hand and go about their tasks. `Aadhi’ is a story of justified vendetta.

Vijay’s initial cheerfulness is enjoyable but as things get serious he tends to overdo the histrionics bit. Trisha looks radiant, her dancing is getting better and in the area of expressions too she seems to be honing her skills — the result is gratifying. Vivek’s comedy scenes early in the film are a little like the track he followed in `University,’ but on the whole his humour line is entertaining. Saikumar’s eyes spew venom. The actor is an apt choice for the brutal role.

For the sake of being different, you have the hero decapitating the villain’s head midair, but the neck (that looks like some synthetic make) dangling loose before it falls makes it comedy unintended. The film opens in Rameswaram with Vijay running on the railway track to save a friend. Next you see him in New Delhi — sequentially it’s slightly confusing! And when the dove in Trisha’s hands is absolutely motionless, you hear the sound of its fluttering wings. Such discrepancies are minor all right but they hamper the impact.

`Ennai Konja Konja … ‘ is a scintillating duet from Vidyasagar. The re-recording in the scene where the hero and heroine visualise their childhood in the building that was once their ancestral home, is particularly commendable. Rajeevan’s art lends gloss to the song sequences and magnificence to the flashback, though not all of it is natural.

Once the suspense is out, the predictable turn of events and the protraction begin to make you restless. In scenes where guns would have made matters crisp and quick, you have henchmen running around brandishing antique cutting tools! And just when you think `Aadhi’s quota of blood and gore is over, the hero informs the audience there’s more to come. That’s when you wriggle with impatience.


Source: http://www.hindu.com/fr/2006/01/20/stories/2006012002970400.htm

Aathi review – Galatta.com

Cast: Vijay, Trisha, Prakash Raj, Manivannan, Vjayakumar, Naseer, etc.,
Direction: Ramana
Music: Vidyasagar
Producer: Shoba Chandrasekar

It is a general fact that revenge-based stories are much in demand in the film industry. With such a view, Aathi is framed. Not only is the hero bent upon talking revenge but the heroine too. Vijay has done a splendid role as usual. Director Ramana has used Vijay’s talents, handled them carefully and directed it towards success.

Anjali (Trisha) wearing a beautiful white dress attacks Devan with a knife and blood oozes from his body. This is the start of Aathi . Trisha studies in a college and is under the care of her uncle (Nasser). She is bent up on taking revenge against those who were responsible for her orphaned state. Aathi (Vijay) is brought up in New Delhi by his foster parents (Manivannan and Seetha). He moves to Chennai to study. Within him burns the fire of taking revenge against those who were responsible for the death of his parents and relatives.

Both Anjali and Aathi are directed towards the same cause. Aathi and Anjali gradually fall in love and try establishing their revenge mission together. What really happens after a lot of bloodshed, fight and thrilling moments is the real suspense. Vijay has worn the same garment of fight, dance and comedy as usual. Vijay’s comedy makes bellies roll.

Prakash Raj has proved himself as a cop. Sai Kumar has a villain has done a real good job too. Vidyasagar’s music and Vijay’s dance are good and appreciable. Camera work by Soundarajan is to be appreciated deeply.

Director Ramana has brought a beautiful output from the Telugu remake and made it feel homely. Aathi is a typical revenge-based movie where blood flows like ketchup.

Source: http://tamil.galatta.com/entertainment/movies/tamil/released/Aathi/

Aathi review – IndiaGlitz

Aathi – And quietly flowed blood
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, January 17, 2006]

Revenge dramas always hold an attraction to the average cine-goer. Retaliation or retribution stories are, in a sense, the stories of the underdog. It is delayed vigilante justice. This idea, plus some interesting suspense, makes for interesting viewing in Aathi.

It is not just the hero who is bent on revenge. The heroine too is. Though the splash of gore may be slightly high, the film more than passes muster as Vijay once again seems in fine fettle.

Director Ramana has also not tried anything extravagant. He knows Vijay is the trump, and hence used it pretty handily.

The movie starts dramatically with Anjali (Trisha), clad in spotless white, thrusting a shining knife into Devan. As blood drips out, it never stops all through.

The story is about Aathi (Vijay), is brought up in New Delhi (by foster parents Seetha and Manivannan). He comes to Chennai apparently to study. But he is thirsting for revenge on those who had bumped off his parents and close relatives of uncles and aunts who were all living together in a joint family.

Anjali, aided by her uncle (Nasser) is also in the same college. She is also one a revenge mission. Her reason too is the same. And her target is also the same. Why? Well, there is a smart bit of suspense. Aathi and Anjali fall in love and set out on the trail of their antagonists.

So what is the real identity of the duo and does the arch villain (Sai Kumar) manage to have the last laugh. After plenty of rapier thrusts and blood-splattered moments, you find out.

Vijay just ambles through a role that allows him to do his typical stuff—dance, fight, humor around. He is such a consummate performer that there is more confidence to his work these days. His chemistry with Trisha also shows. They cut a fine pair and have fun.

Vijay has also tried some funky hair coloring. Vivek’s comedy, though repetitive, brings the house down in some places. Prakash Raj plays a typical cop.

The rest of the cast have designated work and they do it unobtrusively. Sai Kumar, as the baddie, goes over the top.

Vidyasagar’s music is on typical lines — giving scope for Vijay to shimmy around.

The action sequences (Soundararajan’s camera work is very pleasing) are one of the high points of the film. As we said, blood flows like ketchup and sauce do in a Mc Donald outlet.

Director Ramana has faithfully stuck to the Telugu original and come up with a gritty entertainer.

Aathi review – Sify.com

Movie Aathi
Director Ramanna
Producer S.A.Chandrasekhara
Music Vidyasagar
Cast Vijay, Trisha, Sai Kumar

By Moviebuzz –>
You can’t judge a film by its teaser. After seeing the slick trailer of Aathi on television, one anticipated a cracker of a movie from Vijay’s home production. Alas, it turns out to be just another assembly line revenge drama, with lot of blood and gore.

The opening scene of Trisha in all white like an angel sitting on a white bench feeding a white pigeon by a calm ocean and Devan coming and sitting by her side and exchanging pleasantries and suddenly she whips out a knife and kills him saying that she has been waiting for this moment for many years! It is the best scene in the film which indicates to the audience that it is a revenge drama.

Aathi follows the hoary formula of the 70’s family- revenge drama(Yaadon ki Baarat type, where a young boy and his cousin his childhood sweet heart are witness to their happy joint family of father, mother, grandpa, uncles, aunts being butchered by a group of baddies!

The boy and his cousin are then separated, and after they grow up take revenge by eliminating the baddies, without knowing they are related to each other till the climax !

Aathi(Vijay) lives with his foster parents( Manivannan and Seeta) in New Delhi. He takes up a course in a Chennai college against his parents wishes, as he has a mission in life to eliminate the killers of his family.

Similarly Anjali(Trisha) studying in the same college has her own agenda to seek revenge on her parents killers, and she is assisted by her uncle(Nasser).Soon Aathi falls in love with Anjali, as she brings back memories of his childhood sweetheart and cousin who loved to dance in the rain.
The baddie brigade is headed by a guy RDX(Sai Kumar) and his minions. How Aathi and Anjali, without knowing each others real identity take revenge on the villains forms the rest of this vendetta tale.

Aathi is violence unlimited. There are more than 20 to 25 killings in the film. Some are hacked to death with sickle and swords including an interval freeze shot of a baddie’s head chopped and flying in the air, others are shot at point blank range with blood oozing out.

Finally in the climax, a battered hero kills the main villain using a broken photo frame of his family picture as flying saucer to slit his throat! There is excess of blood and gore in this Vijay film.

Well, director Ramanna can justify the violence by saying that he was making the Telugu remake, of a revenge drama. But no excuses for brazen plugs for products (a ice cream, biscuit etc) which intrudes as placement ad’s. The love story between the lead pair is only established through songs and dance which is thrust into the narration.

Ramanna inundates the script with action sequences and graphics of blasts, but they fail to accelerate the nearly three hour sluggish pace of the film. Vivek is a pain as his comedy track is the same that he did in his earlier film University of a college student who apes Tamil cinema’s larger than life heroes.

The only redeeming factor in the film is Vijay with coloured hair and brooding eyes, in superbly choreographed action scenes of Peter Haynes. Trisha looks great and has equal footing with Vijay. The melodies of Vidyasagar are good but wasted in a revenge drama.

The villains are all stereotypes found in many earlier films. Sai Kumar as the main villain is always screeching, Prakash Raj in a cameo as a police officer and Nasser are adequate. Soundarrajan’s camera using a stedicam for the chase scenes is thrilling.

It is only Vijay’s strong screen presence that makes Aathi, somewhat credible. At best, this hit and run revenge flick adds up to a action feast for the festival audience.

Verdict: Action Unlimited

Source: http://sify.com/movies/tamil/review.php?id=14121150&ctid=5&cid=2429

Poove Unakkaaga

SunTV’s NINAIVUGAL programme

FROM: STEVE actorvijayfans@yahoogroups.com

Ammu talked about Mega-Hit movie of the year 1996, Poove Unakkagha.
She tells lots of interesting information relating the movie.

Poove Unakkaaga

Cast and Crew…
Others: Anju Aravind, Charlie, Nagesh, Nambiar, Jaiganesh, Malaysia Vasudevan and others.

Director…..Vikraman Producer…..R.B.Chowdry (Super Good Films)
Music Director : S.A.Rajkumar

Vijay’s first movie was Naalaya Theerpu, which did fairly well in the box office but was not a great start; later his Sendoorapandi, Rasigan, Deva, Manbumigu Manavan etc were hits where as Chandralekha was his only flop.

After this film Poove Unnakaga, Vijay’s films like Vasantha Vasal and Kaalam Ellam Kathiruppen were flops. However, this film was his first mega-hit which gave way to other mega-hit films like Once More, Kadhalukku Mariadhai, Love Today, Naerukku Naer, Ninaithen Vandhai, Nilaave Vaa etc which were all mega-hits in their own right.

Poove Unakkaga was in the top rank of all the movie released in 1996. It run for a record-breaking 270 days. In a interview director Vikraman has said that Poove Unakkagha was his first story, even though he did other movies first. It was his much impressed story-line of family sentiments, loves, sacrifies for love.

It is also the movie which tell that “Loosing also can be the winning of true love”. It was one of Vijay’s best performance, first combination with Super Good Films, and Director Vikraman. It is also the movie which gives lots of praises to Music Director SA Rajkumar.