Vijay-Vikram meet

Vijay’s Interview in Kumudham

This is translated from Kumudam’s interview with Vijay. Vijay was interviewed by college students.

VIJAY: Hello, how are you all?

Surya: We are in very happy mood to see you

VIJAY: I’m also happy

Sheeba: OK Vijay, what is ur secret of success, tell us the truth?

VIJAY: Hard work. Then luck. U shouldn’t be afraid to hardwork, then u’ll succeed.

Elizabeth: Sure. Why are you acting in commerial based subject with same style? Why don’t u act in different styles?

VIJAY: I too wanted to act in different styles, but when I talk to my fans, I find that they want me act in this style. Their opinion is important to me. In Aathi, the intro song is not a Kuthu song as in my previous movies. But my fans asking “Why the intro song is not kuthu song?”. I wanted to do a decent love story, therefore, I acted in Sachein, the A class audience enjoyed it. So, i act according to people’s wish only. My fans expect Action, Sentiment, Love and Comedy in my movie.

Surya: Why don’t u act in Maniratnam or Shankar’s movie with ur style?

VIJAY: I always want to act in their movies, I’m waiting for the right time when they will be free. DHOOL KELEPIDELAM!

Biola: Vijay sir, who is ur favorite heroine?

VIJAY: I’m always Simran’s fan.

Elizabeth: Do u choose heroine for ur movie?

VIJAY: No, I select only the story, other things will be chosen by the movie unit entirely. I dont interfere.

Vinoth: How are you giving continuous hits? What do you think abt the new comers?

VIJAY: Giving hit movie is not in my hand alone. Its a team effort. Today’s newcomers-each one has their own talents.

Aneesha: U r doing well in comedy, why dont do try for a villian role?

VIJAY: Pakka Villan means “No”. I like MGR, Shivaji movies, in their movies, the hero is good guy, helping people and destroying villains. I too prefer to do positive hero roles. Maybe specially for u, I will act as negative hero, OK?

Aneesha: Thank you sir.

Elizabeth: How is Junior Vijay? Who fan is he?

VIJAY: Oh Thalaivaraa? He always changes. After see Theepidikka he said he is Arya’s fan, Suddenly he will say he likes Vikram. For now party namma fan thaan. After watching songs in TV he will dance like that, that is his stlye. Paddu Chutti!

Biola: Give us a good advise?

VIJAY: Don’t make like a senior, by asking advise all! Okay, Life is cycle, loser dont lose always and winners dont win always. So take life as is comes.

When everyone coming out with jolly, Aruna asks “Vijay sir, can u give a ride with ur Aathi bike?”

VIJAY: Ayya, aala vidunga. Escape!

By Ra. Ravishangkar (KUMUDAM)


With love Vijay – Vikatan series

This week’s edition contained Vijay speaking on his dancing skills..Some excerpts from that:

He says “I am a bathroom singer and bedroom dancer.. I used to practice steps of all popular songs standing before the mirror in my bedroom. I have done lots of stage dancing in school and college days which helped me identify the talent in me.”

“Prabhudeva and Lawrence are dance masters who gives me most difficult steps. Both of them make me dance really very hard and ‘bend nimithiduvaanga’ 🙂 But at the same time, when ppl enjoy these dance numbers on screen with whistles, I feel like all pains disappearing in a moment.”

“A good music director, excellent dance master and sincere actor-if these 3 unite nothing can stop a song’s success and thats the reason why my songs become hits”

“Rasigan movie’s ‘Bombay city shilpa shetty’ was my first kuthu song onscreen. It continues in every movie till ‘Olli Olli Iduppe'”

“Regarding dancing partners, Simran is the best. U should be very careful if u have a partenr like her..Otherwise in very few steps she will push u back in competition..Its really a jolly competition”

“I attribute all my dancing skills to my dance masters and my concentration in learning from them and my observations when they teach for group dancers has made me a good dancer. I have learnt a lot from these masters.”

“Today from young kids to old ppl enjoy my dance. Children affected by Tsunami stay happy for atleast 5 mins seeing my dance on TV.. I thank god for this and this is the boon in my life”

My fans will like `Aathi` : Vijay

By Moviebuzz

Vijay is ready with his Pongal release Aathi and he is extremely happy by the way it has shaped out. In fact his dad S.A.Chandrasekhara is the producer of film under their home banner `Sooriyan Arts’.

In this exclusive interview Vijay speaks

How has Aathi shaped out?

Its going to be a racy entertainer that my fans will lap up. Though the producer is my dad, he did not even come once to the sets. At the same time, he gave us all what we asked for. Even though it is a remake of the Telugu hit Athanokkade, director Ramanna has changed the story to suit Tamil nativity.

We believe that Aathi does not have the usual Vijay mass elements…

I agree that it is not made like a Tirupachi or Sivakasi and does not have introductory song, lead punchlines, item song… But let me assure you that all essential Vijay items are there for my fans. The sentiments are worked our well.

Why did you do two trailers for the film?

We wanted to go savvy and high-tech with two trailers. The first trailer is “Aathi-Making Promo” and second “Aathi- theatre trailer”. Both the promos have been slickly cut by Digital Magic and they have been able to give the feel of a racy action packed entertainer. We have done a title song exclusively for the trailer.

The music of Vidyasagar is already a chartbuster. Which is your favourite?

The audio of Aathi is already a hit especially the melodies. My favourite is “Olli olli iduppae..Odiyanam ethukku.”.

Your combination with Trisha has always clicked. Do you think that this will be a hat trick victory for the pair?

(Smiles) Everybody seems to like the pair after Ghilli and Tirupachi. And in Aathi, Trisha has an equally important role, and appears in as many scenes as the hero. She has done a fantastic job.

What would you say is the USP of Aathi?

I would say that it is the story and the way Ramanna has shot the film. Added to that, Saikumar who plays villain is simply terrific. My confrontation scenes with him are superb.

Will Aathi be the Pongal winner? (Smiles)

I hope least for my dad’s sake!

Super 10 – Vijay special

This week’s Kumudham had Vijay’s listing down of answers for Super 10 questions… It was a really jolly interview. Here are they after me trying my level best to translate them 😉 !!!

1) One thing that you are afraid of?

* Cockroach

2) Two important plus points in you?

* Being silent
* Even if i get angry, escaping without letting it out

3) Three things that your wife doesn’t like in you?

* Being silent always
* Moving away from the place when I get angry
* She says that I have affection, but don’t know how to let it out.

4) Four things you like in your son Sanjay?

* He is smart in studies
* His love for his sister
* He does cinema dance well. If he watches any song immedaiately he dances superbly in the same way.
* His speaking style is unique. Semmaiya kalakkuvaar(how to translate this?? :-))

5) Five women who you think are world’s most beautiful?

* My wife Sangeetha
* My mother Shoba
* Angelina Jolie
* Simran
* Madhuri Dixit

6) Six rules you follow to keep yourself handsome?

* What you eat reflects in your skin. So I eat good balanced diet
* Daily I sleep properly for 7 to 8 hours
* Everyday I drink 8 galsses of water. Then only our body will stay fresh without getting dehydrated.
* Regular and simple exercise
* Avoid standing in sun as much as possible
* Breathing fresh air as much as possible. And I won’t stay in chillness for long time.

7) Seven favourite movies of yours?

* Sivakaasi
* Thiruppachi
* Ghilli
* Thirumalai
* Kushi
* Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai
* Thulladha Manamum Thullum

8) Eight actors who have amazed you with their excellent acting?

* Vikram
* Surya
* Simbu
* Dhanush
* Vadivelu
* Vivek
* Prakashraj
* Raghuvaran

9) Nine lies which according to you are very essential for love?

* “How many ever girls I see, I like only you very much”
* “You are beautiful when you are angry, you are beautiful when you are crying, summa irundhaalum(loss of words again :-)) you are beautiful, how is that?”
* “I feel like seeing you always”
* “My heart feels so happy when you are near me”
* “Nowadays I am not at all seeing any girl other than you”
* “You are killing me with a look like this”
* “My friends are feeling jealous that I have a very good lover liike you”
* “Really you are soooo hot”
* “I love you”

10) Ten movies, which you like the most and wish to watch very often?

* Road to Perdition
* Life Is Beautiful
* Cellular
* Nayagan
* Salaam Namasthe
* Annamalai
* Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai
* Enga Veetu Pillai
* Pithaamagan
* Passion Of Christ

Sangeetha Vijay’s Interview


Click on the image to view a larger, legible version 🙂

Vijay is a man of pleasing demeanour

MODEST Actor Vijay

Actor Vijay needs no introduction. For a hero with `mass appeal’, he is extremely affable. His elevation to stardom has not been meteoric but gradual.

“I planned it that way. I could have easily selected the roles I am doing now five or six years back, I am sure I would have succeeded. But my parents did not want my rise to be quick. Hence, I was prudent in selecting characters which would strengthen my career in films,” the teenage heartthrob shared his secret of success during a visit to Sivakasi on the eve of his latest release of same name.

Hard worker

For a person with such a huge fan following and a string of successes, he is demure to the core. He knows both his strength and weakness well. “I will never over-do things. I know my limitations and work sincerely within them.” Like many other Kollywood heroes, he too struggled before becoming a money-spinner.

His charisma is no less than any other top Kollywood star. He has brilliantly read the pulse of his fans: “I have come the hard way. My parents were always supportive and I was in a position to translate promises into results. Initially I played soft emotional characters and gradually shifted to action-packed roles. It was purely intentional and well planned.”

His boyish looks work to his advantage and he selects roles that have a good reach among teenagers. No wonder then, that most of his fans are youths. Vijay also cherishes this status.
“I am what I am for my fans. I try to make them feel good. I want all ingredients in my movie. I am for commercial movies, which have fight, comedy and romance. I am very much involved in the movies I do. I am as interested as the director or the producer. But this should not be taken as interference. It is only participation out of interest. And it is showing good results,” says the charismatic hero.

The current bunch of actors work on characters they play and Vijay too believes in it. But he follows a different style.

“I do a lot of home work. I follow real life characters, observe their movements and incorporate them in my movies. At present, I am shooting for `Puli’ in which I play a police officer. I am trying to shape myself as a police officer, it is part of the job. Every actor is expected to do it.”

Story is the hero

Vijay believes in intrinsic value of the story. “The story is the hero. There cannot be any story tailor-made for a hero. Of course, the content requires certain modifications to suit the hero, but the entire story cannot be tampered with. I never believe in making up,” he asserts.

He is impressed by the competition among budding Kollywood heroes including Chimbhu, Dhanush and Jayam Ravi. “I like all the heroes. It proves there is no dearth of talent in acting. The competitive field brings out the best in them,” says Vijay.

He values the contribution of his wife to his movies. “My wife takes care of my costumes. She also wishes to be a part of my movies, which is a good sign,” he chuckles. Vijay is also involved in social service. “I know my fans have volunteered to serve for the welfare of family members of Tsunami victims. I am happy as long as they are useful and do good to the society. ,” he beams with pride.

His next movie is `Aadhi’ directed by Ramana, and planned for Pongal release.

T. Saravanan