Vettaikaran Movie first schedule over

The first schedule of  Vijay’s upcoming Vettaikaran is over at Rajahmundry in coastal Andhra Pradesh.

The grapevine is abuzz that Vijay is spotting a new look for the film, which will not be revealed immediately.

The film produced by A V M Balasubramaniam and directed by Babu Shivam, has Anushka as heroine. The buzz is that the film is an action packed family entertainer laced with comedy and sentiment.

As per sources in the unit, the hero introduction song was picturised in which Vijay’s son Sanjay has danced with his dad against an Ayyanar temple background. Then hero meeting heroine for the first time in a very comic manner was shot in a Railway Station. Added to that some talkie portions were also canned in and around Rajahmundry.

The second schedule of the film is to start in Chennai in the second week of April, and it will be shot mostly at AVM studio including a set song. Vijay Antony is composing the second song likely to be a duet.


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