Actor Vijay took some time off his hectic schedule to meet up with his fans in Erode. Knowing that Vijay was coming to meet up with them, an enormous crowd of about 1 lakh people came rushing in to have a glimpse of their ‘Thalaivar’. Some of the fans even touched and dragged Vijay, but Vijay the ever calm and cool person, did not get restless and was seen very affectionately interacting with his crowd of fans who had come there just to see him and meet with him. Before his arrival, there was a huge show of crackers and the whole place had a festival look attached to it with the impending arrival of the current heart-throb of the younger generation, Vijay

When Vijay reached the stage, the crowd was in a very frenzied state. Everyone gave him a very heart warming welcome as Vijay took centrestage. 3 people from the crowd were allowed to ask questions. Here are the questions that were asked to Vijay

1. Will you enter politics?

No, I dont feel myself matured or eligible to handle politics. I do not want to be associated with politics. However, I will introduce a flag for my Rasigar Mandram, but that will in no way be related to politics.

2. Can you sing a song for us?

To everyone’s delight, Vijay sang the song “Aadungada Enna Suthi” from his blockbuster film “Pokkiri” and also added a few dance steps to go along it. The applause from the crowd was deafening, to say the least

3. Why dont you show us the photos of your children?

I want my children to be on their own. I do not want them to grow under my image. I want them to be independent people in their lives.

4. How do you feel in Erode?

Erode is the place where my fan clubs started. I consider this place to be the starting point of my career, and I love this place very much

Seeing the festivities, posters, cutouts and the crowd for the event, anyone could have mistaken it to be a political event being addressed by a prominent political leader.  But Erode was fortunate enough to spend that moment of time along with Tamil Cinema’s Next Superstar “Ilayathalapathy Vijay”. 

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Kuruvi @ Salem and Erode!

VijayKuruvi is in its final leg and is progressing in and around Tamil Nadu gearing up for a possible mid-April release. The crew, including Vijay and director Dharani, is stationed in Salem for the shoots. It is learnt that Vijay will extend his trip to Erode after the shoots for the social welfare activities planned by the Erode wing of his fan club.

The events, planned in the evening of February 24, 2008 at 5.00 p.m. at the CST School grounds will also be attended by Minister of Handloom and Textiles NKKP Raja, MLA Palanichamy, and Erode Mayor Murugesan. Activities planned during the course of the event include distribution of computers to Government schools and tricycles to physically challenged students.

Prior to the event, Vijay will garland the Periyar statue located in Erode. Director and Vijay’s father S.A. Chandrasekhar is also expected to attend the event.

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Vijay’s Favorite Movie


Vijay was the chief guest at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Fatima Matriculation School in Chennai. Present also were the mayor and the city commissioner. Vijay gave the keynote address. In his speech, he urged students to focus sharply on one career or ambition and follow it with determination.

He cited the examples of the lives of Graham Bell and Edison who came from humble families, and yet revolutionized the world. “I wanted to be a doctor”, said Vijay, “but instead became an actor.” From now on my movies will feature scenes that children will like, he added. His favorite movie for a long time has been the Rajini-starrer, Raja Chinna Roja, and he would love to be in a remake of it. If any producer wants to remake it, he said, he would sign up for it right away.

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Kuruvi in a pit!

  Kuruvi in a pit! And we mean literally! The Kuruvi crew that flew back home after a schedule across the ocean, is now perched at Salem! A 10 feet deep pit has been dug and some really pivotal scenes are being filmed inside it! The pit is surrounded by more than a dozen cops, who while catching glimpses of the fast progressing shoot, are also keeping a watch out for on-lookers who might just fall in. It is also said that spectators are firmly asked not to use their moblies in the premises especially to take pictures of the goings on in the pit.

This just makes one wonder what exactly is happening inside! When we know, you will too!

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Vijay, the producer, is ready to experiment

 Vijay Gallery

Vijay Gallery

‘Ilaya Thalapathy’ Vijay has finally decided to venture into producing films on his own. The decision could make wonders in his career, as he has decided to make some experiments in his own films.

So far, Vijay hasn’t tried anything different in terms of changing the get ups or donning different roles. The reason for not trying anything different is that he wants to ensure good business to the investors of his films. In other words, he doesn’t want to take risk at others cost. So he has so far stuck to the commercial boundaries.

However, after establishing his place as a successful commercial hero, Vijay now wants to try out something different and that too, at his own risk.

Vijay’s decision is commendable, as taking risk at one’s own cost is not an easy joke. Let us welcome the decision and look forward to see a new Vijay in his own films soon.

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Yogi B in Vjay’s KURUVI

This is a time for remix songs and one of the best remix of the recent times is the song ‘Eengeyum Eepodhum’ from the film ‘Polladhavan’. One person who comes to our mind when we remember this song is the one who sang the remix song Yogi B.

This song has proved to be a craze among the present day youth and was received with as much enthusiasm as that of its older version.

The latest buzz on Yogi B. is that he is going to sing for the film ‘Kuruvi’ which is in the making, starring Vijay and Trisha.

Yogi B. is a famous Malaysian-Tamil pop singer and this time he is going to shake a leg with Vijay for ‘Kuruvi’.

This Vijay-Yogi pair is expected to be a hit but we have to wait patiently to know if this is going to be another remix until further news on this is out.

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Vijay wishes fans Happy Valentine’s Day

Having done highly successful romantic films like ‘Poove Unakkaga’, ‘Thullatha Manamum Thullum’, ‘Love Today’, ‘Kushi’, ‘Sachein’ among various other films, Vijay can rightly be called the ‘eternal romantic hero’ of our generation. Being a very romantic person himself, Vijay takes his time off to wish all his fans and viewers of VFN ( a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Vijay also presents a bouquet to all his fans through that video and we can certainly say with confidence that this single wish of his would be remembered by all his Valentine fans forever.

The update on Kuruvi is that shooting has been progressing smoothly at Salem. The crew is being very tight lipped about the whole movie and it has been very tough getting information about the happenings in the movie, including the stills of the movie which have not yet been circulated to the media. The unit has been working round the clock and we might soon start seeing news come out about Kuruvi. We are rest assured that when it comes to the Dharani-Vijay partnership, we expect nothing short of a spectacle.


VFN wishes all of its viewers, fans and everyone else a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. Stay tuned to for all upcoming updates on Kuruvi and Vijay’s other future projects.

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