Vijay and Shriya in exotic locales

Azhagiya Tamil Magan

In Indian films, songs and dance sequences play a significant role and the selection of the right kind of location is all the more vital when artists like Vijay are involved as his fans will be eagerly looking forward to his graceful dance movements. In his upcoming Azhagiya Tamil Magan, the film crew has surveyed many places and have finally zeroed in on Kazakhstan where the lead pair Vijay and Shriya are scheduled to gyrate for an enchanting number composed by Isai Puyal A R Rahman. With the completion of this song, ATM is almost complete sans the post production work which will begin soon. Readers may also recall that a song sequence was shot recently by director Bharathan at Pattaya Island near Bangkok involving Vijay and glamour doll Namitha.

It was also widely discussed in the media that Vijay after having been impressed with Prabhu Deva’s choreography has requested him to do a number in Azhagiya Tamil Magan too and the Michel Jackson of India has also reportedly agreed.



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ATM team to shoot in Kazakhstan

Director Bharathan will shoot a romantic duet featuring Shriya and Vijay in Kazakhstan.

Set to tunes by A R Rahman, the song will feature scores of dancers shaking their legs with Vijay and Shriya.

Recently, a song with Vijay and Namitha for Azhagiya Tamil Magan was canned in Phuket Islands near Bangkok.

ATM, which is based on a story by Jeeva, is about a youth, who possess Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

A major portion of the movie has been completed.



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SAC’s emotional speech

Yesterday night Director SAC and Shoba were honoured with the award of Living Legends at Erode by Kavithalayam, Konggu Youth Asso.

During the function, SAC said:
“Vijay wasn’t interested to continue his studies and wanted to become an actor but We wanted him to become a director.When Vijay asked me to direct a film for him, I was little scared but I can see his eagerness to success in acting.”

“In early days when I direct him, my associate directors used make jokes out of him. But I take it sportively. Thats why I didn’t care whether the movie is a success or failure. I continuously direct him five films. Only when Rasigan turned to become hit, people started to  recognised him as an actor. And after Poove Unakaga Vijay’s career life has changed. After that, his hardwork made him to become one of today’s most successful actor.”

“Now, Vijay asking to take rest and not to direct movies. But I could take rest, I want to make movies that gives competition to young directors.” says SAC.

Copyright: Tamil Murasu, 30th July Page: 7.

Translated by Steve;)

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Azhagiya Tamizh Magan confirmed for Diwali release

Azhagiya Tamizh Magan has been postponed to a Deepavali 2007 release and is going to be the main attraction among the big releases that are expected to be released in November.

It comes as a disappointing news to our Thalapathy’s fans who were eagerly expecting for the movie to be released in the month of August or September. Adding to their expectations were the recent mind blowing stills of Azhagiya Tamizh Magan which has portrayed Vijay in such a handsome way that the girls have already started going crazy about him. Some of the cine web sites which had taken a resolution not to post any news, images or anything about Vijay have stolen the recent mind blowing images of Azhagiya Tamizh Magan posted on our site and have used them in their respective sites. This clearly shows the craze generated by Vijay and Azhagiya Tamizh Magan

The movie is said to be shaping up in an extremely good manner. The highlight of the movie is obviously going to be Vijay, his wonderul performance, and his higly attractive costumes which are already making waves in the media. The music by the ‘ever lasting genuis’ AR Rahman has sent the fans into an impatient wait for the release of the film’s music.

We wish the Azhagiya Tamizh Magan team a very grand success. Success can be enjoyed even more when you are patient. The fans are ready to wait for any duration of time to see their favorite actor light up the silver screen with his presence, his style and his charm.

VFN News


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Azhagiya Tamizh Magan Opens Up! – VFN Exclusive

The shooting of Vijay’s upcoming film ‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan’ has been progressing at a very brisk pace in Chennai. Vijay said that the shooting is going on very well and that the movie would be a good entertainer for all his fans. Our VFN team decided to meet up with Vijay at the shooting spot of ‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan’ for a small interview for which Vijay readily obliged. Here are some excerpts from the interview with Vijay by VFN team

The 175th day function of Pokkiri was a roaring success and was celebrated in a very grand manner. What are your thoughts about the function?
Vijay: I have a lot of memories from the function that I will cherish forever. My fans have given me everything that I have ever wished for, including the title ILAYATHALAPATHY. I felt that I should celebrate the success of Pokkiri along with my fans because they have made the film such a big success. I conveyed this idea to the producer Ramesh Babu who organized this function in a very efficient manner along with my father SA Chandrasekar and with my PRO Mr. PT Selvakumar.

My fans had come from various parts of Tamil Nadu for this function and elevated the function to great heights. I am thankful to them for making the function a big success. The moment that I will always cherish is the applause and the ovation that I received when I came to the venue for the function. The fans applauded the performances of all the artistes who had performed on stage and gave a great welcome to all the artistes who had come to the function. All these applause and appreciation of the fans becomes the biggest energy for any artist. My fans are what I consider as the gift that God has given to me.

The biggest highlight of the silver jubilee function of Pokkiri was the dance performance by the physically challenged children under the guidance of Dance master Lawrence. What are your thoughts on that?
Vijay: I had asked my father to personally invite Lawrence to bring the children and perform with them during this function. When I saw their performance on the stage, a big wave of happiness swept through my heart. I was totally mesmerized seeing that performance. I am sure that their performance was a God sent gift to them. When Lawrence told in his speech that he wanted me to dance on stage, I was initially shocked. But when he asked me to dance specially for those children who had performed on stage, I was really touched. I wanted to make those children happy and so I decided to dance on stage. The happiness on the faces of those children is invaluable.

Please tell us something about Azhagiya Tamizh Magan?
Vijay: The shoot for Azhagiya Tamizh Magan is going on at a very brisk pace. We recently shot for a song at Phuket Islands featuring myself and Namitha. There are a few more songs to be shot for this movie. This movie has certainly been a different journey for me in my film career.

I want to tell one very important thing to my fans. “Do not have big expectations for this movie”. The fans might come to this movie expecting a Pokkiri or Ghilli or Thirupachi. It is better to come to this movie without any pre-conceived hype and expectations. I am sure that all my fans will be fulfilled with this movie if they come without many expectations.

Please tell us something about your next film after ATM?
Vijay: As you all know, Dharani Sir will be the director of my next film after Azhagiya Tamizh Magan. Discussions about my next film are going on right now with the concerned people. I am very eager to work in this film and I am waiting for the shooting to commence soon.

Your costumes in Azhagiya Tamizh Magan have been the talk of the town. How do you manage to get such beautiful costumes in your films?
Vijay: After my marriage, my style of costumes has changed. My wife Sangeetha has been instrumental in suggesting different styles of costumes to my costume designer Mr. Rajendran who has been incorporating her ideas into designing my costumes. Now, Nalini Sriram who has been designing my costumes for Pokkiri and now Azhagiya Tamizh Magan also has been giving a lot of different costumes which have been really good. Costumes have always played a major highlight in my recent films.

We thank Vijay for taking his precious time off to interact with us and patiently answer our questions.

VFN Exclusive
Posted on Jul 20 2007 by Vinay [VFN]

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Daring and dashing

Vijay squeezes in some moments between shots to share his thoughts about ‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan.’

There was a time when I took others’ opinions before I accepted or rejected an assignment. Now, good or bad, the decision is mine. And the choice is more by instinct…

For an action hero who gives screen villains a solid run for their money, and whose strident and challenging dialogue makes his fans go dizzy with delight, Vijay’s reserved off-screen persona could catch one meeting him for the first time, off- guard. You can talk to him for hours and still not get even remotely close to guessing what’s going on beyond those serious expressions and sedate behaviour.

So this time you are prepared for a quiet reception but he stumps you with a big smile as he welcomes you into the air conditioned comfort of his caravan. “Sorry to have made you travel all the way here!” he says.

Is the friendliness because you are a known face? “That’s unfair,” he laughs. (It’s not often that you can see Vijay actually laugh aloud, off screen.)

“But I’m a very friendly person. Probably it isn’t very perceptible. Even my mom keeps saying I don’t react much to situations around me. I enjoy myself to the hilt when I’m with my group of friends. Yet actually at the end of it I wouldn’t have spoken much,” he smiles.

Being in the limelight he has to constantly sport a friendly visage, and so his reticence is almost a paradox. But that’s probably why he’s able to identify himself very well with the character he plays in ‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan,’ the film he’s working on at the moment. “Yes,” he begins with a measured smile. “The hero is a man who is least perturbed even if there’s a volcano erupting in front of him. I’m like that. Success or failure doesn’t affect me much. Of course, when an entire team works for six to seven months on a project, only to see it bomb at the box office it is depressing, no doubt. But I move on.”

Scene of action

The place is the old thermal power station at Ennore, near Chennai, where shooting for, ‘Azhagiya …’ is going on. It’s filled with grime and dust, the sweltering heat outside further increased by the asbestos roofing and strobes strewn around.

A fight sequence is being canned with ‘Fefsi’ Vijayan choreographing the action. “He’s astounding! I walk into the set thinking he would have conceived the sequence in a particular way, but he would come up with something entirely different. Vijayan is a big plus to ‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan.’” Vijay is all praise for the unit’s stunt head. The two are teaming up again after ‘Pokkiri.’ It must be really tough to shoot fights on a warm afternoon. “Yeah! But I’m used to it. Most of my stunts have been shot here.”

How does it feel to have a film title that describes the hero as handsome? “I know I don’t fully qualify for the epithet,” he laughs self consciously. He should tell his fans that — they’d be wild with him for saying so. “No. I mean it. But the crew is doing its best to make me suitable for the title. Nalini Sriram and Rajendran are working on my costume, and cameraman Balu [Balasubramaniam who did ‘Pithamagan’ and ‘M. Kumaran …] is trying out various angles to make me look my best,” he chuckles with a glint in his eyes.

When many of the heroes are toeing Kamal’s line, trying to effect changes in their looks for every film, Vijay doesn’t give much thought to it. “It’s not so. The roles I choose do not warrant such changes. After ‘Pokkiri’ I began looking for something novel when first time director Bharathan came to me with ‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan.’ I’ve known Bharathan from my ‘Gilli’ days. He was Dharani’s assistant and also the dialogue writer of ‘Gilli.’ So I thought, ‘Why not?’ And when I say novel don’t think it’s something nobody’s done before. This will be different from the 45 films I’ve done so far. That’s all,” he cautions.

The unit has quite a few who are working with Vijay for the first time. The director, the cinematographer … “Shriya,” he volunteers with a smile. “What I like about her is her commitment. As she doesn’t know the language, she asks for her dialogue the previous day, learns the meaning and pronunciation and comes prepared for the scenes the next morning,” he compliments. And A.R.Rahman is also fairly new to a Vijay film. “He’d done music for my ‘Udaya’ earlier. [The film with Simran had faced problems and the delay cost dearly.] He’s already given us three songs, out of which we’ve canned one at Karaikkudi — a family song that has a group dance, with Shriya and me.” For the duets, the unit will travel to Russia and Mauritius.

What makes him decide on a film? “My character and the scope it offers. Also the director has to narrate the entire story in screenplay format so that I can visualise it completely. Only then can I make a decision. There was a time when I took others’ opinions before I accepted or rejected an assignment. Now, good or bad, the decision is mine. And the choice is more by instinct. ‘Thirupaachi,’ for example. Many dissuaded me from taking it up. But it became the biggest grosser of my career. There’s the other side too. I’ve rejected films which have eventually gone on to become major hits. ‘Dhool,’ ‘Kaakha Kaakha,’ to name some,” he ruminates. After ‘Azhagiya …’ Vijay will be doing a Dharani directed project again.

Among the recent releases he likes ‘Paruththi Veeran.’ “Ameer has done a great job. Karthi too, and you can’t forget Priya Mani either,” he says.

The last time you had met Vijay, was just after the release of ‘Pokkiri.’ He had said it was his most favourite film. With 70 per cent of the shoot of ‘Azhagiya Tamizh …’ over (It will be an August release.) is he still singing the same tune? “I’ll be able to tell you only after I’ve watched ‘Azhagiya …’ in totality. So as of now, it’s still ‘Pokkiri,’” he smiles.

Source:The Hindu Friday review dated 6th July 2007

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