Rajini follows the Vijay way!

Don’t be surprised by the title. Like Vijay, Rajini is to do something good.


Every year, Vijay donates books and notebooks to poor students and conducts weddings. He recently announced that he was to build a hospital in the name of his deceased sister for treating the poor.

Before the pupil realizes his dream, the guru has started his work.

Last week, Rajini bought an 8 acre plot at Ponneri near Gummidipoondi. It is said to have been bought for building a charity hospital. His close associates say it has been a long time dream of Rajini to build a hospital to aid the poor.

It is good news for the poor. But a long time back, Rajini had announced that he would give his Raghavendra Kalayana Mandapam to the people of Tamilnadu but nothing has happened since then. His river linking scheme is nowhere in sight.  If his charity hospital does not go the same way, it will be good news!

By Truly Snegha VFN

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One Response to “Rajini follows the Vijay way!”

  1. Deepa.V.V. Says:

    I am Vijay’s fan I love Vijay very much.

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