KUMUDAM INTERVIEW – 3rd PART (Translation)

If you were One Day CM? Vijay answers to readers questions.

Cine people have the most happiest life with high salary, contact with beautiful women, foreign tour chances. Do you agree?
-A.JayaVeeran, Thiruvannamalai
Vijay: Who said other people dont have happiness? They too enjoying their life. Now all people are flying. Then, why you jeoulous about cine people. ( yenge ippadi kannu vekkuringe?) 

In Pokkiri, your acting like pokkiri guy, in real life do you ever live like pokkiri?
-Suba.Palaniyappan, Trichy
Vijay: They called it “Uumai Kusumbu” in our place. That’s my character. Maybe we can say I’m a silent pokkiri.
Now a days, all actors want to be Superstar including you. In futute, can you make all actors to say “I want to be like Ilayathalapathy”?
-C.Karthigeyan, Viruthunagar
Vijay: All people want to be the first place in which ever field their in. That what we are doing in our life. We all do hardwork for it. We only can succeed in life if we have such kind of ambitions. That what I to want to be. So, I’m going to that direction now.
For long the “heroism” of beating-up ten guys at a time will go on?
-R.Ganesan, Madurai
Vijay: Until you’re watching it

What do feel when standing in front of mirror and seeing youself?
-V.Kavitha Rajeswari, Perampaloor
Vijay: I wonder how do this guy became an actor
If you were appointed as one day CM, what would be the first action you’ll take for the benefits of Tamil Nadu?
– L.Sevuga Paandian, Raathapuram
Vijay: I’ll do all the action taken by Arjun in Mudhalvan.
Is profit (vasool) is you only aim or have any interest in awards?
-Ram. Athinarayanan
Vijay: Vasool than
Tell the truth, do you really hate politic?
-A.Suhali Reshman, Trichy
Vijay: I never hate politic. But, politic doesnt suits for me, Reshman.
There are rumors saying that you Rasigar Mandram, is also getting into politic like Vijayakanth’s rasigar mandrams. What is your opinion?
-V.Ramkumar, Veloore
Vijay: Members from my fan club does contest in election. Many won in the election and some didn’t. But they didnt use my fan club name or they didnt represent me or my fan club. Its their own interest, I didnt ask or push them into politic.

Priya Vijay, we feel happy and excited when see your energetic acting on screen. I wish you’ll act as hero all the time like MGR, will you act?
-Thaiyuramoorthy, Chennai
 Vijay: Thats nice thing, for i’ll act for sure.

Copyright: Kumudam Magazine 17th Jan 2007
Link: http://www.kumudam.com/magazine/Kumudam/2007-01-17/pg4.php
Edit by: R.Ravishankar
Photo by R..Gopal, Chitramani and Pokkiri

Translated by STEVE

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  1. tharshika Says:

    who do you like most asin or trisha beacuse i get confused.

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