Vijay’s next film “Murasu” takes off

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Vijay’s fans will be delighted to hear that “Murasu” –Vijay’s next film will take off with the non-stop shooting schedule starting from 13th March.It is double delight for the fans as Asin & Sindhu Thulani are pairedwith him.

Rajkiran will be playing a major role in this film. After the stupendous performance in “Thavamai Thavamirunthu” & “Sandai Kozhi”, Rajkiran has already established a nice following for his performance.

Ekambaram will be the cinematographer and recently he had won the TamilNadu state award as the Best Cameraman Award for his work in the film”Iyarkai”.The music director has not been finalized yet. And virtually it is arace between Vidyasagar & Sri Kanth Deva.

The successful director Perarasu will take care of story, screenplay, lyrics and his brother Muthuvadugu, who has been associated to Perarasu in Thirupaachi & Sivakasi and as Assistant to many films with Director Shankar earlier, will make directorial debut in this film.

Mr. Appachan, who had earlier produced “Friends” with Vijay & Surya, is the producer.The Picture is scheduled for Diwali release.


Vijay caught in the jam

By MIO Team
Feb 21, 2006, 04:34
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Vijay is one of the most sought-after heroes in Kollywood today and this demand has landed him in a new trouble this time around. His call sheet is jammed, as quite a few producers are still waiting to get his final nod.

Interestingly, he has given his call sheet to producer S.P.B. Charan.Producer Apachan is still waiting for Vijay’s call sheet after their film’Puli’ was shelved. The list doesn’t stop here. Another producer Prakash Raj is also longing for Vijay’s nod. His next film is likely to start after the completion of Prabudeva’s ‘Paurnami’.

However, the actor has agreed to actin S.P.B. Charan’s next film. S.P.B. Charan’s film ‘Unnai Saranadaindhen’ did reasonably well at the boxoffice but his last release ‘Mazhai’ failed in spite of the hype.

Now, he is looking forward to give out another big hit with Vijay and Lingusamy is expected to direct it. The director would start working on this film after the completion of ‘Bheema’.

Vijay’s Interview in Kumudham

This is translated from Kumudam’s interview with Vijay. Vijay was interviewed by college students.

VIJAY: Hello, how are you all?

Surya: We are in very happy mood to see you

VIJAY: I’m also happy

Sheeba: OK Vijay, what is ur secret of success, tell us the truth?

VIJAY: Hard work. Then luck. U shouldn’t be afraid to hardwork, then u’ll succeed.

Elizabeth: Sure. Why are you acting in commerial based subject with same style? Why don’t u act in different styles?

VIJAY: I too wanted to act in different styles, but when I talk to my fans, I find that they want me act in this style. Their opinion is important to me. In Aathi, the intro song is not a Kuthu song as in my previous movies. But my fans asking “Why the intro song is not kuthu song?”. I wanted to do a decent love story, therefore, I acted in Sachein, the A class audience enjoyed it. So, i act according to people’s wish only. My fans expect Action, Sentiment, Love and Comedy in my movie.

Surya: Why don’t u act in Maniratnam or Shankar’s movie with ur style?

VIJAY: I always want to act in their movies, I’m waiting for the right time when they will be free. DHOOL KELEPIDELAM!

Biola: Vijay sir, who is ur favorite heroine?

VIJAY: I’m always Simran’s fan.

Elizabeth: Do u choose heroine for ur movie?

VIJAY: No, I select only the story, other things will be chosen by the movie unit entirely. I dont interfere.

Vinoth: How are you giving continuous hits? What do you think abt the new comers?

VIJAY: Giving hit movie is not in my hand alone. Its a team effort. Today’s newcomers-each one has their own talents.

Aneesha: U r doing well in comedy, why dont do try for a villian role?

VIJAY: Pakka Villan means “No”. I like MGR, Shivaji movies, in their movies, the hero is good guy, helping people and destroying villains. I too prefer to do positive hero roles. Maybe specially for u, I will act as negative hero, OK?

Aneesha: Thank you sir.

Elizabeth: How is Junior Vijay? Who fan is he?

VIJAY: Oh Thalaivaraa? He always changes. After see Theepidikka he said he is Arya’s fan, Suddenly he will say he likes Vikram. For now party namma fan thaan. After watching songs in TV he will dance like that, that is his stlye. Paddu Chutti!

Biola: Give us a good advise?

VIJAY: Don’t make like a senior, by asking advise all! Okay, Life is cycle, loser dont lose always and winners dont win always. So take life as is comes.

When everyone coming out with jolly, Aruna asks “Vijay sir, can u give a ride with ur Aathi bike?”

VIJAY: Ayya, aala vidunga. Escape!

By Ra. Ravishangkar (KUMUDAM)


Vijay’s new plans

[Tuesday, February 21, 2006]

After Mazhai, noted playback singer S P B Charan will be producing a moviefeaturing Vijay in the lead role.Reports have it that the actor has accepted to don the lead role and theshooting is expected to commence once he completes his Murasu which hasPerarasu penning the story and screenplay.

According to sources, director Lingusamy, who is to direct Vikram for hisBheema, would wield the megaphone.Apparently impressed with Lingusamy’s work in Sandai Kozhi, Vijay has agreedto play the lead role.

S P B Charan had earlier produced Unnai CharanAdainthen and Mazhai before.The three some makes for an intriguing combination.

Vijay in Lingusamy’s direction – 20.02.2006

S.P.B. Charan is once again entering into production following `Unnai Saranadaindhen’ and `Mazhai’. Vijay has given him the call sheet. `Unnai Saranadaindhen’ was a film in which the producer did not lose money. It also received favourable reviews. Now this film produced by S.P.B. Charan has received the Tamilnadu Government’s award. `Mazhai’ on the other hand did not succeed, but it was also an unexpected failure.

Charan wanted to hit a `sixer’ with his next production and has since secured Vijay’s call sheet. The advance that Apachan, the producer of `Friends’ gave to Vijay and his call sheets are still pending. As Apachan’s film `Puli’ has been given up, the question arises as to who will be the next producer for Vijay.

Apart from Apachan the producer waiting in line with Vijay’s call sheet is Prakash Raj. It is likely that after the completion of Prabudeva’s `Paurnami’ his film will be taken up. Lingusamy is expected to direct the Charan’s film. After completing `Bheema’ he has agreed to direct this Vijay starrer.

Sunset cycling of Vijay

February 20, 2006

Guess how Vijay spends his time at home? There he moves about his garden tending his pet plants and trees. Indoors it is his daughter and son that keep him engaged in joyous pastimes.

Come sunset, Vijay dons a helmet with visor that completely covers his face and takes off on his bicycle. He moves about lanes and alleys near the Elliots beach without anyone recognizing him and returns home unnoticed. This has become a passion with him.

“The freedom of anonymity is great!” says Vijay. True indeed for a man who is imprisoned by celebrity status.


Vijay pining for Simran’s on-screen company

She has ceased to be the queen bee she was. But saucy Simran continues to cause ripples in Kollywood. And among her VVIP fans is none other than the current Number 2 in Tamil cinema: ‘Ilaya Dalapati’ Vijay .

So, even as Trisha Krishnan is all praise of her on-screen chemistry with Vijay, the boyish-looking hero pines for the on-reel company of Simran. Vijay is on record that, should the much-married Simran say `Yes’, he is ready to be paired with her even now!

Well, why not? After all, all the Vijay-Simran films have been smashing hits. It is also true that Tamil film fans still have a soft corner for Simran. Even Vijay’s wife thinks that Simran is the best heroine he has been paired with in Kollywood. That’s high praise from a hero’s wife. Normally the wives are wary of their filmy husbands’ on-screen heroines!

Now that Vijay has bared his heart, will Simran oblige him by giving the nod for a flick with the Ilaya Dalapati? The answer is in the womb of time.