Junior Vijay’s queries to Papa Vijay

*January 30, 2006*

Actor Vijay has a problem at home. Sibling rivalry! Ever since the new arrival of a baby daughter Divya at home, his son has become jealous. The son feels that the he is not getting his due attention because of the newarrival.

He would throw tantrums and not look at the baby at all. However that has changed, thanks to Vijay counseling his son. Yet the boy keeps asking Vijay, “You love me still, don’t you?” That evokes a caring smile and hug from Vijay.

Vijay’s son studies in a school inAdayar. Whenever Vijay is not shooting, he drops his son at school and picks him up in the evening. By the way, his daughter’s name Divya is an anagram of his dead sister’s name Vidya.


Aathi review – nowrunning.com

Producer:S.A. Chandrasekar
Cast: Vijay,Trisha,Prakashraj, Vivek, Manivannan, Vijayakumar,Nasser, Devan and Sita
Music: Vidyasagar
Screenplay: Ramana

RATING::::::::::::::::3 STARS.
By P.V. Sathish Kumar

Aathi (Vijay) has a mission to accomplish. To carry this out, he joins a college in Chennai against the wishes of his parents (Seethaand Manivannan). Anjali (Trisha) is also a student of the same college. Both Anjali and Aathi lead a life of gilded surface, which disguises the darkness beneath. Both, Aathi and Anjali want to avenge the killers of their parents.

The irony is that they both aim the same killers, without the other knowing about this.Aathi and Anjali cross each other on several occasions in the college, and soon they understand that they both have same tastes and liking. As the life goes, their relationship advances. Oncewhile performing rites, Aathi recognizes his Uncle (Nasser) andlearns that Anjali is his own Uncle’s daughter. Together they decide to assassinate the baddies RDX (Saikumar) and his henchmen. How they accomplish this forms the rest of the story.

Vijay as Aathi excels in his performance and his screen presences is terrific. He fits the role of a cold-blooded undercover assassin andthe actions scenes by Peter Haynes are well choreographed. For a change, Trisha has got equal footage as Vijay and she has also given a commendable performance. She looks ravishing especially in song sequences. The lead pair’s well-known chemistry once again comes alive on screen.

Saikumar from Tollywood as RDX has performed brilliantly. He is a perfect choice for the crude character. Vivek as a mild, well-manned sidekick manages to tickle the funny bone in his cameo. Prakash Raj,Nasser, Manivannan and Seetha have done their brief rolls well.The film has a high dose of violence and not many lighter moments.

Though the first half of the film is good the second half s a trifle dull and drags as it show the hero assassinating all the villains and hence become predictable.Director Ramanaa may have a valid excuse to justify the overdose of violence; after all it’s a remake. However, better editing could have made the film crisper.

Vidyasagar’s music is good. Particularly the song “Olli, Olli Iduppe…” stands out. Soundarrajan’s camera has captured some scenic locals of Switzerland in song sequences.Though not bracingly pleasurable, the movie is worth for its well etched out dialogues, racy action sequences and Vijay’s brisk acting.

Vijay at 4th place in Loyola college Survey

Loyola College has been conducting various surveys year after year on several subjects. This time an army of 18 people marched under the leadership of Prof. Bishop Rajanayakam. They have conducted several surveys on various issues in all districts except in Nilagiri. Yesterday they made the results public.

One item that is a matter of interest for us has found place in it. That is concerning the Top 10 list of actors.

Clinging on to the last name in the list is Sharat Kumar. He could secure only 1.5 points. The 9th place goes to Surya who has captured 3 points. Re-entering through ‘Paramasivan’ Ajith is in the 8th place with 3.1 points. Next in 7th place is Vikram with 3.2 points. Kamal could secure only 7.5 points and is ranked at 6th.

What is interesting about this Top 10 list is that even after their passing away, both M.G.R. and Sivaji have secured 13 points and 9.6 points and placed at 3rd and 5th ranks respectively. Between these two giants is our own Thirumalai Vijay securing 10 points.

Vijayakanth who had started a new political party has been blessed by Tamil people with the 2nd position with 13.9 points. But the one who is racing ahead with 18.9 points and occupying the No.1 rank is Rajini.

In the last year survey conducted during April, Rajini was in No.2 rank. ‘Chandramuki’s’ success catapulted Rajini to No.1 rank.

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Vijay lends Asin a helping hand

– 24.01.2006

It seems Vijay has promised Asin that she would be the heroine of his next film. For a person who stays a few feet away from heroines, the first lady to break his Vishwamitra like penance was Trisha. The next person seems to be Asin.

As soon as it was confirmed that S J Suryah was to direct Vijay in ‘Puli,’ the first thing to be done was select the heroine. Suryah tried very hard to rope in Nila as the heroine of ‘Puli,’ but Vijay held on to Asin as his leading lady.

Now that project ‘Puli’ itself has run into problems, Asin is losing sleep over her lost opportunity. Vijay has seemingly consoled her that she would definitely be the heroine of his next film. Apart from this information, Asin also mentioned that Aamir Khan who had seen ‘Ghajini’ and was impressed, had called her and invited her to step into Mumbai for a duet or two.

Asin is right now acting in a Telugu film ‘Annavaram’ and plans to take off to Mumbai after that. Like Asin, if one has a godfather in every language, why Bollywood, even Hollywood seems a possibility!

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With love Vijay – Vikatan series

This week’s edition contained Vijay speaking on his dancing skills..Some excerpts from that:

He says “I am a bathroom singer and bedroom dancer.. I used to practice steps of all popular songs standing before the mirror in my bedroom. I have done lots of stage dancing in school and college days which helped me identify the talent in me.”

“Prabhudeva and Lawrence are dance masters who gives me most difficult steps. Both of them make me dance really very hard and ‘bend nimithiduvaanga’ 🙂 But at the same time, when ppl enjoy these dance numbers on screen with whistles, I feel like all pains disappearing in a moment.”

“A good music director, excellent dance master and sincere actor-if these 3 unite nothing can stop a song’s success and thats the reason why my songs become hits”

“Rasigan movie’s ‘Bombay city shilpa shetty’ was my first kuthu song onscreen. It continues in every movie till ‘Olli Olli Iduppe'”

“Regarding dancing partners, Simran is the best. U should be very careful if u have a partenr like her..Otherwise in very few steps she will push u back in competition..Its really a jolly competition”

“I attribute all my dancing skills to my dance masters and my concentration in learning from them and my observations when they teach for group dancers has made me a good dancer. I have learnt a lot from these masters.”

“Today from young kids to old ppl enjoy my dance. Children affected by Tsunami stay happy for atleast 5 mins seeing my dance on TV.. I thank god for this and this is the boon in my life”

Vijay takes a break!

By Moviebuzz
Tuesday, 24 January , 2006, 17:27

Vijay is taking a break. He is off to London this weekend! Sangeetaand children are already there with her parents, and Vijay plans tojust chill out for the next two weeks there.

For the first time in hiscareer, Vijay has not announced a new film after a release!2006 has started badly for Vijay. His father was hospitalised andtheir home production Aathi was lukewarm at the box-office. And when he went to New Delhi for the release of a postal stamp, it was given apolitical colour by his detractors. Another set back was when he could not agree with S.J Suryah over the much-hyped Puli storyline and they decided to scrap the project.

All this personal set backs weighed heavily in his mind, so forsometime he wanted to get away from Chennai and work pressures. The best way out was to take a holiday, get rejuvenated and then come back to work.

One thing is clear that Vijay’s next film will be produced by Swargacitra Appachan. But the whole confusion is- who will be the director? Vijay wants to go back to the comfort of the `Formula’ and do another Tirupachi or Sivakasi with his favourite Perarasu.But Perarasu is now working on Ajit’s AVM produced Tirupati and has already committed to do another Vijay film for Ayngaran the leading overseas buyer and video rights holder of Tamil films.

Sources close to Vijay say that he will take a call on his next director for Appachan film, only after he comes back from London in mid- February. Till then a lot of directors who have narrated stories to him like Hari, Muthuvadigu younger brother and assistant of hisfavourite director Perarasu and Udayan ( Vijaykanth’s Perarasu director) will be on tender hooks!

Anyway Vijay needs a break; let him enjoy his holiday as he chills out in -8 degrees with his family!

Aathi review – ApunKaChoice.Com

‘Aathi’ Disappoints
By P. Sreekumaran
Film critic, ApunKaChoice.Com

The pre-release hype was quite high. The expectations are that the Vijay-starrer ‘Aathi’ would mark a hat-trick of success for the Number 2 in Tamil cinema. However, the end product is disappointing, to say the least.

True, all the ingredients that enrich a typical Vijay film are there: action, emotion, comedy, romance and a surfeit of violence. But somehow, ‘Aathi’ leaves one cold unlike his earlier films like ‘Tirupachi’ and ‘Sivakasi’. It’s a bit like swigging a coke that lacks the fizz!

But ‘Aathi’ is no unmitigated disaster either, if you are a diehard Vijay fan, that is. For the loyal followers the young actor, the film packs a powerful punch: thrilling encounters, stunning action scenes, romantic interludes and comedy cameos. And, if the response in the first week is any indication, ‘Aathi’ is all set to set the cash registers ringing.

What more do you want? One might ask. The point is: if you go on making film after film on the staple diet of masala, the viewers’ palate may jade sooner than later. That is the lesson ‘Aathi’ hands out to the hero with the boyish look. Too much of even a good thing is bad, after all. Will he listen?

Aathi (Vijay) has a mission to accomplish. So, much against his parents (Manivannan and Seeta), Aathi, a resident of New Delhi sallies forth to Chennai, where he joins a college. Anjali (Trisha), a student in the same college, is a bird of the same feather. She is also out to avenge the killers of her parents. Her uncle (Nasser) fully supports her plan. Understandably, the duo, thrown together by circumstances, attract each other. The friendship matures into love soon.

The movie goes on to depict how the twosome go about accomplishing their joint mission. The villain is a character called RDX (brilliantly done by Malayalam actor Sai Kumar).A major drawback of ‘Aathi’ is the excess of violence that besets the film. The film literally drips with blood and gore, what with two-dozen killings!

Only the manner of killing is different. Some are hacked to death while others are shot. The ‘piece de resistance’ is the severed head of a bad guy hurtling through the air! The director Ramanna may have a valid excuse to justify the overdose of violence. After all, it is the remake of violence-filled Telugu film ‘Athanokkade’ featuring Kalyan Ram, Sindhu and Ashish Vidyarthi in the principal roles.

‘Aathi’ also suffers from a painfully slow pace. It could have been much better if it had been edited well. Vivek’s comedy act fails to tickle the viewers’ ribs. The silver lining is the screen presence of Vijay, who excels in action scenes brilliantly choreographed by Peter Haynes.

Trisha gives Vijay good company. And their famed chemistry once again comes alive on the silver screen. Prakash Raj is a competent police officer.

Music composer Vidyasagar has come out with a number of melodious songs. That is one of the redeeming features of ‘Aathi’.

If you are a Vijay fan, you will like ‘Aathi’. Otherwise…