A slip of the hand spelt death

The sight was enough to send a shiver down the spine. We decided to just wander around AVM Studios and generally check out on what was happening. What should we see but someone hanging upside down from a height of 40 feet.

“What wrong has the man done to be punished like this by heartless fiends?” Just as we were debating the cause, there was a sharp rap on the head. It was director Ramana. He asked, “How’s Vijay’s performance?” and we looked at him questioningly.

“I am referring to the man who’s hanging upside down without a dupe,” he said and only then did it dawn on us that it was Vijay! Even though the director had wanted to use a dupe for the scene, Vijay was adamant that he would do it himself.

Till the scene was over and Vijay came down to terra firma, our hair stood up in tension!

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Sivakasi takes it all

Many films hit the theatres this Diwali hoping to see the bright lights. But most of them were pushed to the dark corners. Only ‘Sivakasi’ managed to hit the box office really hard. Vijay’s ‘Sivakasi’ did very well this Diwali in spite of the torrential rains. It had 100 percent collections for three consecutive days all over the state.

The collection at Kolathur Ganga theatre on Diwali day was a whooping Rs.7.26 lakhs. Meanwhile, another big film ‘Maja’ failed terribly at the box office. The trade feels that the film failed due to lack of confinement. Moreover, the audience doesn’t want to see Vikram with such a weak character. The collection of the film is dipping every passing day. However, other Deepavali releases ‘Athu Oru Kana Kalam’ and ‘Perusu’ were utter flops. The collection of these films is meager.

Going great gun

Going great gun
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, November 26, 2005]

Close on the heels of a big success in Sivakasi, Vijay will have his Adhi released on Pongal day. Being his home production, the actor is doubly keen in getting the job done well.

Directed by Ramana, Adhi is a remake of the hit Telugu movie Atanokkade.

Speaking about the film, Vijay says, ‘I play a college student in Adhi. The movie has good action, romance and sentiments to attract my fans. Trisha gives me company in the movie’.

Heaping praises on Ramana, Vijay says, ‘I owe all credit to Ramana, who gave me a break when my chips were down with Thirumalai. He has made necessary corrections in the movies and has given a perfect entertainer in Adhi’.

After Adhi, Vijay will get into Puli, film in which he will play a cop for the first time ever.

Looks like there is no stopping him.

Vijay is a man of pleasing demeanour

MODEST Actor Vijay

Actor Vijay needs no introduction. For a hero with `mass appeal’, he is extremely affable. His elevation to stardom has not been meteoric but gradual.

“I planned it that way. I could have easily selected the roles I am doing now five or six years back, I am sure I would have succeeded. But my parents did not want my rise to be quick. Hence, I was prudent in selecting characters which would strengthen my career in films,” the teenage heartthrob shared his secret of success during a visit to Sivakasi on the eve of his latest release of same name.

Hard worker

For a person with such a huge fan following and a string of successes, he is demure to the core. He knows both his strength and weakness well. “I will never over-do things. I know my limitations and work sincerely within them.” Like many other Kollywood heroes, he too struggled before becoming a money-spinner.

His charisma is no less than any other top Kollywood star. He has brilliantly read the pulse of his fans: “I have come the hard way. My parents were always supportive and I was in a position to translate promises into results. Initially I played soft emotional characters and gradually shifted to action-packed roles. It was purely intentional and well planned.”

His boyish looks work to his advantage and he selects roles that have a good reach among teenagers. No wonder then, that most of his fans are youths. Vijay also cherishes this status.
“I am what I am for my fans. I try to make them feel good. I want all ingredients in my movie. I am for commercial movies, which have fight, comedy and romance. I am very much involved in the movies I do. I am as interested as the director or the producer. But this should not be taken as interference. It is only participation out of interest. And it is showing good results,” says the charismatic hero.

The current bunch of actors work on characters they play and Vijay too believes in it. But he follows a different style.

“I do a lot of home work. I follow real life characters, observe their movements and incorporate them in my movies. At present, I am shooting for `Puli’ in which I play a police officer. I am trying to shape myself as a police officer, it is part of the job. Every actor is expected to do it.”

Story is the hero

Vijay believes in intrinsic value of the story. “The story is the hero. There cannot be any story tailor-made for a hero. Of course, the content requires certain modifications to suit the hero, but the entire story cannot be tampered with. I never believe in making up,” he asserts.

He is impressed by the competition among budding Kollywood heroes including Chimbhu, Dhanush and Jayam Ravi. “I like all the heroes. It proves there is no dearth of talent in acting. The competitive field brings out the best in them,” says Vijay.

He values the contribution of his wife to his movies. “My wife takes care of my costumes. She also wishes to be a part of my movies, which is a good sign,” he chuckles. Vijay is also involved in social service. “I know my fans have volunteered to serve for the welfare of family members of Tsunami victims. I am happy as long as they are useful and do good to the society. ,” he beams with pride.

His next movie is `Aadhi’ directed by Ramana, and planned for Pongal release.

T. Saravanan

Laugh with Vijay (New Straits Times Press Malaysia)

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Cinema: Laugh with Vijay
K.N. Vijiyan and Sharon Wong
Nov 17:
Directed by Perarasu
Starring Vijay, Asin, Prakash Raj, Geetha, Lakshana, Sakunthala, M.S. Bhaskar

THIS movie has been drawing the crowd since it opened for Deepavali. It has been doing better business than Vikram’s Majaa (the other Deepavali release), both here and in India.This goes to prove that Vijay has more fans, especially among the young. But don’t go expecting a Gilli (Vijay’s massive hit last year with Trisha and Prakash Raj). That was a movie with a serious theme.

Sivakasi is a full-length comedy (despite its mother-sentiment moments) and will leave you smiling. Expect to see the hero thrashing the baddies – in fact you see them flying through walls with just one punch — and some illogical twists in the story. But despite the hiccups, Vijay is fun to watch and the humour is infectious.Even lawyers in India have joined in the “fun”. They are threatening to sue the film producer for maligning their profession. In the movie, a comedian (M.S. Bhaskar), acting as a lawyer, sleeps on the five-foot way and is the butt of jokes.

Vijay and Asin having fun in Sivakasi. Vijay plays a poor welder called Sivakasi who is a good fighter. Rich girl Hema (Asin) falls for him and Sivakasi opens his heart to her. In a flashback, the hero tells Hema about his past life and how he had run away from home. Hema insists that he revisit his village and come back with his family to seek her hand in marriage.

The rest of the movie tells what happens when Sivakasi returns home.Director Perarasu, who also helmed Vijay’s Thirupatchi, paces the story well. The events have the necessary momentum to take viewers to the climax without being boring.

Cameraman Sunny V. Joseph, who did excellent work in superstar Rajnikanth’s Chandramukhi, also does well in Sivakasi. Srikanth Deva has tuned the six songs and most have already become popular with radio listeners, especially Vaada Vaada Tholah and Deepavali Deepavali.

It definitely was a blast watching Sivakasi (named after the Indian town famous for its firecrackers)

Sivakasi – Movie Review 9

Sivakasi: for Vijay fans only

Courtesy: rediff.com

Shobha Warrier November 08, 2005 15:50 IST

The Tamil Diwali release Sivakasi is like a pack of assorted crackers, with almost all the varieties made in the famed Sivakasi town of Tamil Nadu. It has sparklers, flower pots, ‘atom’ bombs, Lakshmi vedis… every cracker available in the market, and all of them used well.

Perarasu, the director of Sivakasi told rediff.com that Sivakasi is not a typical Vijay film, but the truth is that it is a typical Vijay film with all the ingredients in it, in the right proportions to satisfy all his fans. Like all his recent films Vijay plays a hero who growls and fights like a tiger, dances like a dream, is adept at tickling the funny bone, sheds tears for his mother and sister — all in great style.

What more do his fans need? Is the story of Sivakasi any different from Perarasu’s own Thirupachi or any other Vijay film? The answer is no.

The film which starts in Chennai moves to the village in the second half where Sivakasi (that’s Vijay’s name in the film) goes to save his mother (Geetha) and sister from his elder brother (Prakash Raj) who is evil incarnate. There are several songs with his lady love (Asin) and a number of fights with the baddies.

Like Perarasu said in his interview, in a nutshell, Sivakasi is about how a bad son treats (ill-treats) his mother when she is old, and how another son cares for her and saves her.

Vijay has excelled in all departments. Asin, who got a lot of applause in Ghajini, does not have much to do in Sivakasi. But Nayanthara, who drew a lot of flak for her item number in Ghajini, is the actress who is getting all the whistles and claps in Sivakasi for her latest. She just sizzles in the song! If Asin scored over her in Ghajini, it is Nayanthara who gets even with Sivakasi.

Yes, Sivakasi is made strictly for Vijay fans. The fact is, nobody associated with the film, the producer or the director or Vijay himself, proclaims this film to be ‘different’ or ‘pathbreaking’. They have made the film to cater to a particular audience, those who have made Vijay’s earlier films like Gilli, Madurai, Thirupachi, etc huge successes, and the same audience will make Sivakasi another blockbuster. The fantastic opening the film had all over Tamil Nadu is proof of that.


Sivakasi – Movie Review 8

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Author: Sai Venkat, Owner-Moderator, actorvijay_fans@yahoogroups.com

Just finished watching Sivakaasi last night! Just can’t forget those hours of pure entertainment that I had watching Sivakaasi. From first scene to last scene, it was totally enjoyable! Far less violence than Thirupaachi, Far more enjoyable like Thirumalai and Ghilli, this is one of Vijay’s most entertaining movies!

We all know its nothing new! Vijay is known for giving the same storyline with a different feel! Its the story of a welder who falls in love with a rich girl and then goes back to his village to his family to settle the problems of his cunning elder brother!

Srikkanth Deva has done a great job! All songs are superb. The background score could have been a little more better but who cares? His songs are what makes the movie more and more enjoyable! He definitely deserves another chance to work with Vijay!

Other Cast:
All did their job well. Vaiyapuri, Geetha, Lakshana, Chiti Babu, MS Baskar, etc all did well… The little boy from Kadhal had too small a role to play and his antics from Kadhal was missing!

Perarasu has a formula and he perfectly goes by it! Entertain the audiences with unadulterated heroism, good fast songs, romance, action, comedy, etc all form ingredients of his formula! And he has the best ally in Vijay who does it to the hilt! This combination surely spells super success and I wish they do one more movie together but somewhat deviating from their formula but not at the cost of entertainment!

Prakash Raj:
He does as much as what he did in Ghilli! I cant understand how this role is small for Prakash Raj. He had good importance and had something to act for! He is one of the best villians today and he has been utilised by Perarasu well. We should appreciate Vijay for persuading Prakash Raj to act this role out!

ROCKING! My liking for Nayanthara is going up! She looks so beautiful in the song and with Vijay, she looks even good. Her dance was so good that I watched the song again for her dance with Vijay! She has definitely proved Perarasu’s words that she has danced superbly in the song!

Hema or Homa??? She is one of the rare heroines these days who can hold her own in action movies. Even actresses like Jyothika and Trisha couldnt hold their own in movies like Thirumalai, Thirupachi, Arul, Saami, etc but Asin has done her job very well. She has taken care that her role doesnt go unnoticed! Her chemistry with Vijay, needless to say, is so cute. The best scene was when she comes to Vijay’s shop and accuses him of saying I love you to her sister Homa.. And the way she challenges Vijay and then turns her head three times after saying “Idho Paar, en thangachikku mattum edhavadhu aachu….”. She is superb.

After all praising above, I am surely losing words! Anyways, this is going to be a small review on Vijay in Sivakaasi. Because I am tired of praising him from Kushi till Sachein. So my praise on him for Sivakaasi is going to be short! He has done to his best and has lived up to the role of Sivakaasi. Cant imagine any other hero in this role of his! His acting, his expressions, his fights, etc all are superb. Chinna Thalaivan namma Vijay kalakittaru indha Padathula!

Overall Review: 9.4/10