Vijay’s Deepavali celebrations


If anyone had visited Sivakasi yesterday, they would have wondered why Deepavali was being celebrated a week in advance! With firework displays and strings of decoration, our ‘Sivakasi’ hero made it a celebratory spectacle.Those who have labeled him as a ‘mouna saamiyar’ or a loner, would have seen a different Vijay yesterday.

Even as his flight landed in Madurai at 8.20am, the firework display could be seen in the skies. Swimming his way through the throng of fans with his father S A Chandrasekhar, he first went to Thirumangalam. He gifted 2 sewing machines and then proceeded to Virudhunagar. He had tea at a fan’s stall and gave Rs.2000 as Deepavali gift. After being welcomed by traditional greeting like ‘parivattam’ and ‘aarathi’ much to his delight, he made a surprise visit to Vinayaka and Sony Fireworks factories and enquired about the process of making fireworks. The only thing the girls there wanted was to touch Vijay!

The people who were given most importance were the hearing impaired and disabled students of CSI School. Vijay was very happy to see the Annamalai Unnamalai Nagaratchi Palli playground in Sivakasi. Like he did in ‘Gilli,’ he played kabbadi there for a while.During the entertainment, he went on stage and played the thappattam to the delight of everyone.

To sum up, Vijay started the Deepavali celebrations from yesterday itself at Sivakasi.What’s all this in aid of?”Because the title of my film is ‘Sivakasi,’ I wanted to celebrate Deepavali in Sivakasi,” was the cool explanation by Ilaya Dalapathi.