Badri, Apr 16th, 2001

Director: Arun Prasad
Cast: Vijay, Bhumika, Monal, Riyaz Khan, Bhupender, Husseini, Vivek, Kitty.

It has a predictable storyline and one knows how exactly the narration is going to move, for we’ve had such films released in recent times. It is about childhood-buddies-turned-lovers. While one realises ‘love’ fast enough, the other strays to seemingly greener pastures, realises that they are not so green after all, and returns to the arms of his childhood-friend-turned-lover. ‘Piriyadha Varam Vendum’ also had a similar theme.

‘Bhadri’ (a remake of a Telugu Film) centres round Bhadri and Jaanu (Vijay – Bhumika) who are best of buddies and friends since childhood. While Jaanu discovers the stirrings of love for Bhadri much earlier, Bhadri takes her for granted enjoying all the affection she showers on him. He goes to her for moral support when his father ticks him off for his irresponsible behavior.

And when he falls for Mamati (Monal) the new girl on the block, it is to Jaanu that Bhadri goes, and emotionally blackmails her into giving him money and a car to take Mamati out. But Mamati loses no time in transferring her affections to Rohit, wealthy and more suave than the ‘middle-class’ Bhadri.

Meanwhile Bhadri’s brother Vettri (Riyaz Khan) an aspiring boxing champ is bashed up by the reigning champ Rohit and his gang. As the championship nears, Bhadri who had by then learnt a few lessons in life, takes on his brother’s mantle, trains himself for the championship, and finally wins, redeeming himself in the eyes of his father.

Vijay is one actor who does not rest on his laurels. He has taken risks in the action scenes where cars are run over his fingers, as he lies flat on the road. Bhumika (first film in Tamil) plays her role with understanding. Riyaz Khan, from the small screen, is an actor to watch out for. Monal seems to be going the Mumtaz-Radhika Choudhry way. Vivek’s comedy at times borders on the obscene.

‘Bhadri’ moves at a fairly neat pace in the earlier part, lags a little later, and then picks up speed towards the end.