Nilaave Vaa, Aug 14th, 1998

Co-stars : Suvalukshmi, Sanghavi, Raghuvaran, Charlie, Balaji, Sujit Sagar, Jaiganesh, Vinu Chakravarthy and others.
Director : A.Venkatesan
Producer : Shoba Chandrasekharan
Music Director : Vidhyasagar

Story: Seluvar (Vijay) is the son of Vinu Chakravarthy . They are Christians living in a fishing village. Vijay’s friends are Charlie, Balaji and Sujit Sagar; and together with Vijay; they are collectively called “The Bad Boys”. Mannivanan plays the character of the boatman from “Dubai” . In another town, Perumaal (Jaiganesh) is the father to Sangeetha (Suvalukshmi) and Gauri.

In comes Pilomina (Sanghavi) who “The Bad Boys” hate at first but later become friends. Sanghavi also happens to be Suvalukshmi’s colleague and friend. As in many movies, the “thiruvila” plays a very important role. Suvluksmi comes to the small fishing village. Raghuvaran is proposed (and later engaged) to marry Suvalukshmi who is reluctant in doing so. Why? Not only because Raguvaran is 35 years old but also because she and Vijay had fallen in love before.

The director makes both meet in a typical style which should awaken others. Later, after previous meetings both acknowledge the love for the other. However, Gauri, Suvalakshmi’s sister falls in love with “The Bad Boys” driver and after hearing Suvalukshmi’s view about how their father Jaiganesh; hadn’t acknowledged the Hindu-Christian marriage, she decides to elope with the driver. This causes riots between both families and this leads to the break up of Suvalakshmi and Vijay’s love affair.

Raghuvaran comes to know about the past and asks his fiancé (Suvalakshmi) if she is willing to marry him and upon recollecting what happened in the past she says a “yes”. Later, Raghuvaran realises the seriousness of this love and he together with the rest of “The Bad Boys” ask the lovers to run away but Jaiganesh finds about their plan in time. This sudden news again causes uproar in the village but this time Vinu Chakravarthy & Jaiganesh befriend each other in the task of killing their children.

However, Vijay for the love of his town and family leaves his home town. This makes both families appreciate the love Suvalukshmi and Vijay have for each other.