Ninaithen Vandai, Apr 10th, 1998

Ninaithen Vandhai is a must-see Vijay`s movie. It is an entertaining movie. Everyone has lived up to their role. Vijay, Rambha and Devayani are the heart of the movie. They both looked good and have acted very well. Vijay has come out very adorable. The songs are nice and the locations of the movie are breathtaking. The tamil Hum Apke Hain Kaun without the tragedy…

The title itself makes the story of the movie. There is very little to talk about the story. The hero in the movie is madly in love with the disguised girl in his dreams. But his father wants to get him to get to a married distant relative. Unwillingly the hero, along with his two brothers-in-law and uncle, makes a trip to the girl’s house and gets engaged. In the meantime the hero with his uncle and brothers-in-law attends a marriage and there he finds his dream girl.

Later on he moves to another place because of his job where he once again meets his dream girl and they fall in love with each other. As is usual in tamil movies, the dream girl and the girl who got engaged with the hero are sisters. But for some reason they stay apart right from their childhood.

During a visit to her native place, the dream girl comes to know that her lover and her sister’s fiancee are one and the same. So she gets prepared to sacrifice her love for her beloved sister. After some dramatical suitations the movie ends with the marriage of hero and the dream girl.

A well directed movie by K.Selva bharathy, though the story is nothing new, the treatment of the story is commendable, backed by good music, songs and comedy, make this film an entertainer. The movie is full of songs, actually 7 which are excellent.

The movie has nothing spectacular but the music and the presentation with good comedy and performances from the actors made the movie a big hit. The hero falls in love with the heroine and his marriage is settled with another woman. Finally love triumphs and the hero wins back his love…