Manbumigu Manavan, 1996

Co-stars: Keerthana, Srividya and others.
Director: S.A.Chandrasekar
Music Director: Deva

Story: This is a role Vijay plays as a young college student who takes the law into his own hands to fight the injustice. Vijay is happy go lucky guy who is having a nice time at college with his friends until two of his friends fall in love with each other. As usual the parents oppose to the marriage, all the friends get together and get the couple married.

Meanwhile due to college politics the girl who got married is gang-raped in the college campus and the guy is buried alive. So Vijay takes the upper hand without waiting for the law to take action. Keerthana is his friend in college who falls in love with Vijay and stands by him through thick and thin. Srividya plays the role of Vijay’s mother.

The police keep hunting for Vijay everywhere but do not succeed. Finally Vijay surrenders himself to the police, kills all the bad guys and is given a life sentence while his lady love Keerthana waits for him to return.